• Glass Polish

    Glass Polish

    Nanolex Glass Polish is a water-based citric polish designed to thoroughly clean glass surfaces and remove stubborn, bonded contamination. It combines physical,...

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  • Glass Cleaner

    Glass Cleaner

    Nanolex Glass Cleaner was developed specifically for automotive glass. The innovative formulation guarantees a thorough removal of dirt, grease, insects and waxes...

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  • Ultra Glass Sealant

    Ultra Glass Sealant

    Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant is the non-plus-ultra coating system for automotive glass surfaces. The system contains the highest technically possible amount of active...

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  • Urban Glass Sealant

    Urban Glass Sealant

    Nanolex Urban Glass Sealant is an advanced, solvent-based composite coating which forms a temporary barrier against water, oil and grime on automotive glass surfaces...

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  • Ultra Glass Kit

    Ultra Glass Kit

    This flagship nanotechnology kit from Nanolex contains everything you need to clean and seal your exterior glass for upwards of twelve months at a time. The initial...

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  • Professional Glass Cleaner Concentrate

    Professional Glass Cleaner Concentrate

    Nanolex Professional Glass Cleaner Concentrate is a powerful and dilutable
    product which works supremely well. Both powerful and dilutable, it ensures a perfect,...

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  • Reactivating Glass Cleaner

    Reactivating Glass Cleaner

    Nanolex Reactivating Glass Cleaner is unlike most glass cleaners which simply remove fingerprint marks, bug squash and general dirt, leaving any existing hydrophobic...

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