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Nanolex Canada

Wheel Cleaner & Iron Remover

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  • pH-neutral, yet highly effective
  • Extremely easy and quick to use
  • Reliably removes rust film from all exterior vehicle parts
  • with impact indicator
  • Very little odor nuisance
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Nanolex Rim Cleaner & Flash Rust Remover is a highly effective, extremely fast acting rim cleaner and flash rust remover. It is far less aggressive than traditional rim cleaners, but just as effective. Its powerful formulation dissolves all iron-containing dirt immediately upon contact. A color indicator that changes from clear to reddish shows when the dirt has been loosened and can be rinsed off. Nanolex rim cleaner & rust film remover significantly reduces the manual cleaning effort with brushes.

Nanolex rim cleaner & rust film remover was developed, tested and produced in Germany.

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