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Nanolex Canada

Ultra Glass Sealant

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  • Greatly improved visibility in wet weather
  • long-lasting water-repellent effect
  • Very easy cleaning of the treated glass surfaces
  • Ice does not form until much later and is easy to remove
  • Very easy to use
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Nanolex Ultra Glass forms a molecular bond with the glass surface and adheres permanently to the glass surface. This makes it much easier and faster to clean, and soiling is greatly reduced.

When it rains, Nanolex Ultra Glass dramatically improves your vision. Drops of water are carried away by the wind even at low speeds.

The view is permanently and significantly improved by the strongly hydrophobic effect. This means increased safety and less fatigue for the driver in the rain.

Ice can be removed from the glass surfaces much more easily. The durability of Nanolex Ultra Glass is approx. 25,000 km on the windshield and approx. 60,000 km on glass surfaces without wiper contact.

Used and tested in cooperation with Motorsport Team Hohaus in the German endurance race cup VLN on the Nürburgring. Developed & manufactured in Germany We also highly recommend combining this with our Glass Cleaner and Polish.

Nanolex Ultra Glass was developed, tested and produced in Germany.


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