Training center approves Nanolex

Training 3 days

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First day:

  • Introduction and theory about Nanolex car care and upcoming products.
  • Practice process. We demonstrate the right mode of application and each trainee must then finish a panel under our direction that we will inspect and then valorize.
  • Vehicle inspection before work.
  • Vehicle preparation: prewash, shampoo, decontamination, door closures, removal of wheels and tar.
  • Complete clay bar of the vehicle, followed by the glass pane of all glazing.
  • Return the vehicle to the wash area, rinse with pre-wash or Pure shampoo, return the vehicle to the workshop and let it dry.
  • Preparation of the vehicle for polishing.
  • Initiation to polishing techniques, buffers and machines, then cutting, polishing and completion of the finishing phase with the Nanolex polishing system.
  • We demonstrate the right way to use the Nanolex polishing system and each trainee must complete a panel under our supervision that we will inspect and then evaluate.

Day two:

  • Preparation for coatings. We will explain the methods and reasons for the correct Nanolex procedure to prepare a car for coating, using Nanolex paint cleaners and appropriate methods.
  • Application of coatings. With guidance, the correct and most effective methods of application will be demonstrated.
  • Final finish and inspection.
  • The interior details, the cleaning of plastic and leather, illustrate the use of mastic and agglomeration for textile and leather Nanolex.
  • Introduce Nanolex LSP products, such as Tire and Rubber and Trim.
    The final inspection.

Day three:

  • The final inspection.
  • We inspect the final results and if all the steps are correctly performed, the trainee is eligible for certification.
  • Certificates from Nanolex approved retailers.
  • Photographing the finished work.