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  • is very hard and scratch-resistant, but flexible at the same time
  • excellent substrate adhesion
  • has a service life of approx. 45,000 – 60,000 km
  • easy and problem-free application
  • can be topped with additional layers of Nanolex Si3D or Nanolex Si3D HD
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Thanks to our years of experience in the field of surface coatings in the automotive sector, we have succeeded in developing a new, incomparable and uncompromising product for the exterior, Nanolex Si3D Base Coat (BC). The semi-hydrophobic coating system combines the typical properties of a “glass coating” with an additional, very important property – very high flexibility. Nanolex Si3D BC can be layered without any problems and gives excellent results. The hard, amorphous but flexible layer with cross-linked, balanced polymer structures gives excellent substrate adhesion, hardness and extreme chemical resistance. In contrast to conventional, silane-based coatings, where the crystallization and polymerization is rather hindered by the evaporation behavior, Si3D BC forms a solid, extremely dense, glass-like layer. The solvents used by Nanolex for this purpose are aromatic-free, material-compatible and have very high boiling points to guarantee compatibility with any paint surface – they also ensure very easy application.

Nanolex Si3D BC was developed, tested and produced in Germany.


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