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Nanolex Canada

Race Film Remover

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• Powerful cleaner dissolves stubborn contamination
• Suitable for removing oils, grease, tar, bitumen & rubber
• Free from halogenated hydrocarbons & aromatic solvents
• Evaporates without leaving a residue
• Developed tested & produced in Germany

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Nanolex Race Film Remover removes dirt from the race track efficiently and without leaving any residue. Thanks to the special formulation of special raw materials, Nanolex Race Film Remover removes encrusted oils, grease, rubber residues, waxes, bitumen, tar, adhesives and much more. Nanolex Race Film Remover is free from halogenated hydrocarbons and aromatic solvents and evaporates from the surface without leaving any residue. Nanolex Race Film Remover was developed, tested and produced in Germany.


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