Nanolex Professional PreWash Concentrate is an alkaline pre-cleaner with strong foaming. Developed for car / truck pre-wash, the formulation is based on high-quality complexing agents and special surfactants, which dissolve even stubborn buildup such as insects, bird droppings as well as environmental and wheel-rim contamination very quickly and thoroughly. Special corrosion inhibitors ensure very good material compatibility with sensitive components such as anodized aluminum. For optimal results, depending on the degree of soiling: Pre-cleaning: 1:30 to 1: 250 Wheel rim cleaning: 1: 5 to 1:10 Self-service high-pressure washing: 1: 250 apply over the entire area, leave to act briefly and rinse off thoroughly with a high-pressure cleaner. Do not allow to dry on the surface and do not work in direct sunlight.

Nanolex Professional PreWash Concentrate was developed, tested and produced in Germany.