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Microfiber Wash

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  • Specially tailored to the properties and needs of microfibre towels
  • Guarantees a longer service life of the microfiber cloths
  • Very low consumption
  • Prevents the formation of streaks and smears
  • Free from fragrances and brighteners
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Nanolex Microfiber Wash is a specially developed detergent that is tailored to the properties and needs of microfiber towels. High-quality microfiber products such as polishing cloths, drying cloths, washing gloves or applicators must be cleaned very gently so that they do not lose their softness and function. Due to the special composition, free of fragrances and brighteners, the microfibre cloths are cleaned thoroughly, gently and without leaving any residue. This ensures a longer service life for the microfibre cloths, the capillary structures of which are not impaired in their dirt absorption capacity by washing residues. Amphoteric surfactants with an excellent detergent effect prevent the formation of streaks and smears when using microfiber products, while waxes, silicones, Polymers and polish residues are optimally removed. This special detergent is also suitable for removing polishing agent residues from hand and polishing machine sponges. We recommend 50ml Nanolex microfiber detergent for up to 10kg microfiber products.

Nanolex Microfiber Wash was developed, tested and produced in Germany.

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